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Erich Hesch: How Hepatitis C Patients Can Keep a Positive Outlook

· Hepatitis

Eric Hesch, is an experienced hepatology specialist who’s dealt with many conditions that affect the liver, including Hepatitis C. The disease causes inflammation of the liver, which in severe cases can lead to liver damage. To people who have found out they have hepatitis C, maintaining a positive attitude is one of the crucial things to do.

Research has shown that individuals who keep a positive mental attitude despite suffering from a chronic illness respond better to treatment and even experience a slower progression of the disease. Of course, staying positive is easier said than done. Every individual is different, and some find it difficult to keep a positive outlook on life.

The initial discovery of the disease can be overwhelming to a person. It’s common to find people researching what they can about the condition, but allowing it to define you can be destructive. It’s important to remember that the qualities that make you unique haven’t changed as a result of hepatitis C. You are still a good friend, sibling, parent or colleague even with the condition.

Often, people will have many questions as to how and why they got the condition. Worrying about such things only leads to negative thoughts. It’s important to live in the present by acknowledging the situation and being grateful for the positives in life. It’s also important that life moves on; as much as possible, set realistic goals with regards to treatment, going back to school/work, or keeping up with activities you enjoy.

Eric Hesch, established a private practice in Echo, Colorado, in 1998 and an experienced medical doctor.

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